An Excerpt from: Locked

Copyright © 2012 S. V. Richard

All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.

Jen walked up behind Wes in the kitchen. He was searching more cabinet drawers. There was nothing but old junk papers. Wes opened another drawer. Underneath more junk papers, he found a book that read: Modern Magic. He flipped through the book and returned it to the drawer. ”Hmm.”

Wes continued searching more drawers, but he found nothing other than more old papers. He picked up a stack and read through them.

Jen said, “If we had...”

Wes dropped the papers. A small headline read: Murder in the Mountains. “Geez, you scared me, Jen.”

She stood right behind him and laughed. “Is that all it takes, tough guy? Sorry, if Tristan has light bulbs, they’d probably be over there.” She pointed to the pantry next to the cabinets. “But I wonder if anything we find would still be usable.”

Wes picked up the papers and shoved them back into the drawers on top of a small pink hammer. “All I’ve found so far is some old coffee pots, blenders, and whatever other appliance you could possibly imagine to be in a kitchen.”

Jen opened the pantry door. A rat scurried around her feet causing her to jump back. “Oh!” The rat disappeared into another hole in the back wall. “Well, after all this time, looks like someone else has been taking up residence here,” she said while she pulled a few old boxes of dishes and dusty containers from the shelf. Placing the containers and boxes on a nearby counter, Jen quickly covered her nose. “Eww!”

Wes covered his nose too. “What’s that smell?”

“I don’t know.” She pulled another box off of the shelf and a dead rat fell behind it. The box slipped through her fingers and fell to the floor.

Both Wes and Jen jumped.

“How creepy! Oh, that’s so creepy,” Jen said while she danced around the carcass. “Eww!”

Wes kicked the decaying object into the hole in the wall and the box back into the pantry.

“Yeah, just stink up the whole house, why don’t ya?”

“I thought I smelled something funny.”

“Oh, I just thought that was Todd.”

“Ha. Ha.”

“Well, it doesn’t look like there are any light bulbs in here, and I’m afraid to see what else might be up there,” he said and closed the pantry door.

Wes opened an old refrigerator. A much expired milk jug sat on the shelf. Wes opened it up, sniffed it, and gagged. He dumped the lards of cheese down the drain in the sink.

“That’s disgusting, Wes.”

“Yeah, and I thought the dirty dishes in my apartment were bad.”

Jen laughed.

“Tristan’s mom must have forgotten to toss it when she left for her last visit.”

“Or she thought she’d be back before it went bad.”

Wes pulled out an old bottle of ketchup. “Expired!” He set the bottle by the sink.

Wes opened up the dishwasher. “Hmm, I wonder what’s in here.”

One old bowl sat in the center of the dishwasher. As Jen picked it up, roaches scurried from under it causing her to drop the bowl. It smashed into several pieces.

A sharp piece bounced off the floor. It barely missed Wes’s leg. “Okay, I think it’s safe to say that there are no light bulbs or deeds in this kitchen.”

“Oh, my goodness, this is so gross. Ick. Ick. Ick.” Jen slapped her hands together. “Yeah, we’re finding everything except what we’re looking for.”

“I’ll grab the broom.” Wes swept up the broken bowl along with several rat droppings along the edge of the cabinets.

She opened the bottom cabinet and almost puked. Holding his breath, Wes pulled out an old garbage can to dispose of the mess. It was dirty—remnants of old food clung to the inside of the can. Jen ran away from it while Wes held it out as far as he could with one hand and wiped his other hand on his pants.

Wes tossed the milk jug into the trash and turned to the basement door. “Want to look down there?”

Holding her tummy, Jen looked at Wes and then at the door. “No. I’m betting anything important would probably be in one of the bedrooms or a hall closet, maybe.”

Wes opened the lock on the front of the basement door, and Jen peered over his shoulder at the dark stairs.

“Okay,” he said, “I’m not one to argue.”

“Besides, anything could be living down there.”

He closed the door. “We’ve seen our fair share of rats today.”

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