An Excerpt from: The Kona Dog

Copyright © 2011 Ruth G. Zavitsanos

All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.

“This is a good sign,” Malia said. I heard the smile in her voice. And then my ears perked up, I turned my head and ran toward the rumbling sound of my master’s truck.

I barked again and again.

“Yes, Akela, your master is finally home.” Malia and Keoki followed. My master’s truck made its way up the winding road onto the red dirt-covered driveway.

My master stepped down from the truck with a smile. He hugged his wife and reached an arm out to his son.

“There is good news, Father?” Keoki asked.

“Yes and no. We have the promise of a visit from the investor’s bank advisor, but we must continue to work hard and prove the plantation is worthy of saving.”

I nudged my master. He patted my head. “Yes, this includes you, too, Akela. You must continue to watch for the safety of the workers and keep them happy.”

I wagged my tail. The Kona Dog is what everyone calls me even if they know my name. I am the first to greet the workers and visitors. If there is an accident, I run for help. Keeping the workers happy is what I enjoy doing most. Often while they stop to refresh themselves with a cold drink of water, I run over to give them encouragement by gently brushing my fur against their rough hands. They know I belong here on the plantation.

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