An Excerpt from: The Adventures of Jerry the Golf Ball

Copyright © 2011 Robert Siegel

All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.

Chapter One

An eerie quiet fell over the crowd as my golfer positioned me in place of his marker and lined up the putt. Obviously, he took a lot of time and very carefully examined the slight slope of the line of the putt – it looked like a slight break to the right. I felt a light tap as the face of the putter struck. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “In the hole, in the hole.” It appeared that I was headed just left of the hole until I started to roll to the right and directly toward the center of the hole. However, I was slowing down a lot and it seemed as though I would come up short. I was pushing for that extra turn or two that would get me to the hole. And then there it was the lip of the cup, and finally that glorious sound, KERPLUNK! The sound the ball makes when it falls into the hole. The crowd cheered wildly and applauded showing their appreciation for what my golfer achieved.

We did it! We won the tournament! I was the ball that came through, the ball that provided a win for my golfer! There would be a trophy awarded, and of course there would be money paid out, lots of money. However, as the winning ball I was more concerned about the trophy because, as the ball used to win, my golfer would probably place me with the trophy to be exhibited forever – I would be a showpiece!

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